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Shipping time

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.
The majority arrive within 15 days, sorry no express shipping is available at this time.

Shipping Cost

Shipping is $10.95 for US, elsewhere its $12.95

How much can I order at a time?

Up to a 90 day supply is allowed to be shipped directly to you at a time. That is what the FDA considers personal use.

Are the drugs safe?

The name brand drugs are manufactured by the same companies that are sold in the US. The appearance of some of the drugs are different due to packaging/cosmetic issues.

Where do the drugs come from?

A fully qualified, reputable Mexican pharmacy. The prescription is mailed (via international mail) directly to you.

How long does it take to receive the prescriptions?

Since they are being mailed outside the country, please allow 4 weeks for delivery. (Most shipments are received within 15 days)

I don't see my prescription! What do I do?

Simply email your request and we will check availability and cost of the product you are looking for.

Are all drugs available?

No. Many types of drugs are not allowed to be imported. Most controlled drugs such as narcotics are not allowed. Please don't ask.

Do I need a prescription?

No. You should have a current valid prescription indicating proper usage and dosage. We will not ask you to send the prescription to us as we are acting as a secretarial service only.

What if I need information regarding dosage,
side effects, etc.?

Consult your physician and or pharmacist. We do not offer any medical opinion or advice.




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